How Play-to-Earn NFT games work

What are play-to-earn NFT games? To give a brief recap of what NFTs are, NFTs are unique, digital collectables on the blockchain. They can be sued to represent characters, consumables and other tradeable items. To understand play-to-earn NFTs, one should first understand the game-fi world. “Game-Fi” is derived from combining ‘gaming’ and ‘decentralised finance’. These… Continue reading How Play-to-Earn NFT games work

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Top Indian NFT Artists 2022

ETHalien - Hand Drawn Loops NFT by Prasad Bhat

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, promise a new vista of possibilities for Indian artists and an unprecedented chance to promote their work worldwide. In India, creators are taking initial moves to explore the prospects that come with establishing their own NFTs. However, in India, it is becoming more than simply a new monetization tool for providing… Continue reading Top Indian NFT Artists 2022

Juanavies’s NFT collection and giveaway

Above: Juan’s Butterfly Cosmic Queens 77 NFT. (Copyright © Juanavies, 2022)   Juanavies’ unique art style inspirations and future endeavours in the NFT space!   We spoke to Juanavies to find out more about her inspiration behind creating NFTs and her future plans to spread awareness for her amazing NFT collections.  Stay tuned for a… Continue reading Juanavies’s NFT collection and giveaway

Top Thailand NFT Artists 2022

Forbidden Suit NFT by Kiatanan Iamchan The NFT scene in Thailand is booming and this was personified during the “Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022” which was Asia’s first and largest digital art showcase, displaying over 1400 works ranging from paintings to street art and fashion design. This festival showcased artworks from a variety of Thai… Continue reading Top Thailand NFT Artists 2022

Top Singaporean NFT Artists 2022

Above: Feeling Small from the By Proxy NFT Collection by Shavonne Wong and Lenne Chai

Singapore’s art scene could be seeing more traction with the rising interest in NFTs. Local artists have commented that NFTs are a way to provide greater transparency and ownership of their artworks. It has also become a way for artists to truly monetise their art, making a career in art more practical than it was… Continue reading Top Singaporean NFT Artists 2022