How To Create Polygon NFTs For Free [Gas-less Minting]

Minting Your Very Own NFT On The Polygon Blockchain!


STEP 1 – Linking your wallet to

Visit and click on the Profile Icon



Log in using your preferred wallet



Step 2 : Creating Your Own Collection


Hover your mouse over your profile icon and click ‘My Collections’



Click on ‘Create a Collection’



Enter all relevant details



Add Royalty Fees If Necessary and enter your desired payout wallet address



Change the Blockchain to Polygon and select your preferred payment token – ETH/DAI/USDC/REVV

Note that more than 1 payment token may be selected



Click ‘Create’

Congrats! You have just made your first collection!



Step 3: Creating Your NFT


Click on the ‘Create’ button on the OpenSea dashboard

Sign the Digital Signature Request using your wallet



Fill in all the appropriate details of your NFT as can be seen below



Select the collection that you have just created 


Key in any traits pertaining to your NFT – Properties/Levels/Stats/Unlockable content/Explicit and sensitive comments If Required. These details will be displayed in such a manner



Change the Blockchain to Polygon and enter the desired supply of your NFT (You can mint more than 1 on the polygon blockchain)



Click Create



Congrats! Your newly minted NFT is now in your collection!