How to get a Free Art NFT (2022)

4 ways to get free NFTs on Niftyzone!


At Niftyzone, our mission is to apply NFTs to creative works by digital artists. This enables their art to be sold and traded, which will then uplift and grow the digital art ecosystem.

In line with our vision to promote NFT art, we constantly partner with budding artists to showcase their creative works and distribute them as NFTs.

Our current NFT giveaway features our very own Abstract Pony NFT Collection.

So here’s how can you claim some NFT Art, totally FREE!


1. Follow niftyzone on Twitter, Get a free NFT right NOW

Follow our Twitter page at @niftyzonenft and simply follow the instructions in the current pinned tweet.



2. Follow niftyzone on Telegram for another free NFT

Join niftyzone’s Telegram group. Check the pinned message for instructions.
Well actually, there’s only 1 step, which is to paste your receiving wallet address in the group. Fast and neat!


3. Watch out for free NFT airdrops on our twitter and telegram channels

We partner digital creators and do regular NFT art airdrops. Keep a watch out and do indicate your interest to participate in the drops when it happens!


4. Receive exclusive NFT rewards, by being active and helpful niftyzone’s Twitter and Telegram communities

Every month, we also give out some rarer and exclusive NFTs to our most helpful and active community members. We look forward to having you onboard!


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