Controlled Chaos with Monitor Room

monitor room nft artist

In today’s artist feature, we had the opportunity to interview an NFT artist who goes by the name, ‘Monitor Room‘. He is a creator who is based in Malaysia and has multiple other names but decided to use ‘Monitor_Room‘. He focuses on acrylic, mainly planned chaotic abstracts. ‘Every piece has their place. Just like life.

We asked Monitor Room to describe how he has been navigating the world of art, specifically NFTs and we are so honoured to share his response. To our surprise, Monitor Room did not grow up with an art background, in fact he did not know anyone in the art world until he discovered the world of NFTs. He was invited by one of his friends, ‘Vasflow‘ who was already an established artist to join the community and to showcase his hobbies. He was filled with gratitude when this lead to an interesting and sudden change in his path of life.

Monitor Room began to navigate the scene through Twitter and realised there were so many learning opportunities for him. He started to study all possible art form that allowed him to mix in his abstract theme and he was eager to learn more about the crypto market and all the available NFT platforms. He was fascinated by the community all over the world, the blockchain technology, the usage of smart contracts and everything else. He mentioned that he was a fast learner and picked up things quickly. Though it was tough to keep up with the ever-changing NFT space, he has thoroughly enjoyed his time.

We believe that Monitor Room is not looking to pursue the world of NFT as his main career but he is hopeful that things will work out and we would be thrilled to see more of his upcoming art work. He is relevant with all the current art world trends and in fact very intrigued by everything. To be specific, he takes extra interest in whatever is ‘colourful‘ and ‘glitchy‘.

Our team at Nifty Zone also had the chance to find out more about the challenges Monitor Room faced with creating his art pieces. We were captured by his response as he stated that each piece of his artwork is a challenge on its own as he struggled with deciding when the art pieces will be completed. He kept adding colours to his art until he felt like he couldn’t continue. It was an exhausting process as it took days, weeks and even months to finish. Monitor Room’s ‘3rd Series Painting’ was the art piece that required the most time and effort to create. He started on it in June 2019 and only completed it recently. This painting took a year long of hard work and it was tough to focus on just one piece at a time. He often alternates between his paintings based on the inspirations he gains along the way.