Niftyzone Asian Digital Artists Selection Program

nifty zone digital nft artist selection programme free minting

Free Minting for the first 50 selected artists


Niftyzone is an NFT art gallery and marketplace with a special focus on the Asian arts scene and Asian artists. Our mission is to platform and empower artists from a region which is still underappreciated globally in comparison to its potential. We aim to do this through helping digital artists be compensated fairly and increasing their ability to monetise their art through NFTs — non-fungible tokens.


We’re starting a program for digital artists interested in entering the NFT space that offers free minting for the first 50 participants.

Who can participate?

Digital artists from or based in the Asia are all eligible to enter. You just have to create a profile with us and get approved.


Here’s what we’re offering:

1. Free gas fees for 3 artworks

These mintings are completely free-of-charge for artists who enter. 3 artworks will be minted and subsequently transferred to you.


2. Online exposure

Artists will also be offered a chance to have your works (whether listed or not) featured in our digital art gallery and possibly shared on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Here’s an example of how such features look on our website:


3 Sell your NFTs 

Once your artwork is minted completely free, you may list these pieces on our platform to be sold to collectors.


How to participate

1 Submit your application

Submit your application here 


2. Get approved

As soon as we’ve received your application we will let you know if your application is approved.


3. Receive your NFT in your wallet and display it on 

Minted NFTs will be transferred to your wallets at no cost to you. You may also list these works to be sold on Niftyzone.


We look forward to minting your artwork for free!